23 March 2009

living in gratitude 32 : date is set + mango x 4

I received the call from Institut Marie Curie this morning :
I am hospitalised Wednesday afternoon 25 March,
operation under general aneasthetic (to insert apparatus for therapy) on morning of 26 March
commence radiotherapy evening of 26 March
for 5 and half days straight,
24 hours a day with every hour being : 20-25 minutes radiation, then 35-40 minutes break.

So pull out the mango coloured blankets (I know some of you have kept them out all this time) and wrap me in loving thoughts.

The four mangoes in the cardboard box were hand-delivered by Klemens, who returned from a trip to Brazil where he attended a mathematics conference (he also brought vegemite + manuka honey from Australia... as he + his wife T had been to oz before Brazil... he's now on his way to Cambridge then Linz...).
I opened up a mango this morning for breakfast, to find the perfect colour I imagine to be wrapped up in!

2 little medicinal drops wrapped in silk and individually stamped, brought by Anne-Marie from her recent trip to Bhutan.

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Anonymous said...

My Dear Nathalie, Your words are beautiful, brave and inspiring. Your pictures are extraordinary. My heart rides with you and sends you your indigo/white blanket. You are on my mind many, many, many times in the day. I wish I were close enough to be there more for you. Houston Mom