20 March 2009

Living in gratitude 30: sunshine, receiving + waiting

I continue to live in gratitude of the beautiful thoughts, letters, cards and gifts I am receiving.

This week: via the post - a shell from Australia ...

along with 2 poems by Tamara Friebel.

Tamara is the author of the stunning poem I posted earlier this year : http://nathalielatham.blogspot.com/2009/01/rawness-of-angel-poem-by-tamara-friebel.html

Some lovely goodies (including 2 books) from J+P in UK.

Am still waiting for a confirmation from the hospital... do I start radiotherapy next week? Or do I get another week to rest and strengthen myself?

Here are some of my favourite flowers sitting on my first-ever dvd player (yep I recently purchased my FIRST dvd player... I still don't own a tv and am playing films which make me giggle on the old monitor I used to edit on... ).

Other favourite flowers are : lilies, lotus, magnolia, passionfruit flower, jasmin...lavender...

The setting sun from the appartment this week has been awe-inspiring (sacré coeur to the right). And the the blue skies of Paris have made my heart smile.
I feel like I have fallen back in love with the city.


sylvia said...

natlat, what a very beautiful and strong peom, and your photos and aily thoughts too.A tout bientot, Dahl deliv gal syllot

Laure said...

I can send you a baby pig from California. I've been seeing lots of those recently. Touring farms for a future article. It's baby pig season. Nice, the Australian shell.