23 July 2012

my nervous system discovers watsu

i haven't drawn for months... just haven't been able to sit down and draw... 

The strong desire to feel healed in this body

Then, last week, I had the experience of water therapy (watsu) which blew my mind and body. I began to draw again after the first session.

Still feeling alien in this body.

The water and movement was immensely healing.  Cannot believe it took this much time to discover something so good for my nervous system! I wish I had been introduced to this as soon as I had completed my treatment. 

The very soothing feeling of softly being with the heart supporting it with my hand.

Here are some of my drawings after being dipped and turned and pulled and spun in the water... felt so playful! It was an incredible experience to feel so soothed throughout my nervous system....and it brought up a lot of compassionate sadness (which is immensely healing)

Surrendering the body to the water and the movement.  
Soothing to the nervous system.

Learning to be compassionate to myself : the journey of cancer treatment was very tough and really sad.

Feeling my nervous system.  When it jars and when it flows.

08 July 2012


I need to remind myself constantly of these words : 
"You are the sky. Everything else - it's just the weather." 
                                                             - Pema Chodron