05 March 2009

living in gratitude 20: deliveries

several deliveries today... amongst them 2 which I photographed.
someone (won't mention names) put my favourite cashmere sweater into the washing machine... and it came out the perfect size for a 6 year old. So Sylvia took the damaged favourite garment and turned the sleeves into mittens and the body into my new computer bag (cashmere favourite sweater on the inside and on the outside: material I bought in Beijing for my "speaking through water" piece.

Sylvia on arrival with her delivery.

First wheat grass delivery from Fran├žois (he has nominated himself as weekly-delivery-boy of the long grass which can be bought from the store called POUSSE-POUSSE in the 9e arrondissement...)
The grass reminds one of spring and bare feet.

Mitch has put me on an array of supplements from grape seed pips to tumeric to omega to vitamin d... (about 15 supplements)... 30ml of wheat grass juice every two days is also on the list...

And an Eric Satie CD was accompanied by the wheat grass delivery (Francois' profile left of CD and Durga, who sits on my altar : teaching me of strength and protection).

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Kym said...

In my search for a job at the moment I open one of my job emails to find this quote at the top:

"The true meaning of life is to plant trees, under whose shade you do not expect to sit."

- Nelson Henderson

Thought it was very timely and true of life in general...