08 March 2009

living in gratitude 23: prepare for surgery

Tomorrow I head to spend the night at Institut Marie Curie to prepare for my first operation : investigating where cancer cells are exactly. The investigation is done on a microscopic level and will inform the rest of the treatment (how much radio + chemotherapy will be required for healing). The operation takes place Tuesday morning, 10 march.

Today's ode is to Peggy Huddleston who wrote
Prepare for Surgery : How to Heal Faster

Warmly suggested by Lance's mother in Brisbane last month, forgotten about and then reminded by Debra in New York last week... Highly highly recommend it to anyone who believes in the relationship between the mind and body for healing.

The book and accompanying CD emphasise the importance of being 1)relaxed
2)confident in the process and with one's doctors/ surgeons (I am)
3)feeling loved before an operation
(these three qualities greatly contribute to accelerated healing).

One technique is to ask my support network (that is you, who is reading this) to wrap me up in a mango coloured blanket of love as I go into the operation. (I choose the colour... a favourite...)

So if you are reading this, I ask you to imagine me like this over the next day or two. I'm a great believer in the power of thought, and I know that so far, people's love from around the world has really made a difference to this process. And please wrap up anyone else in a thought-blanket of love who may need it.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

I went to 'sari shop' to find a mango coloured blanket for you:

Found in 'The Hindu' on line magazine:

" Recently I heard about the kumaran colour. "Kumaran" of course, referred to Lord Murugan but what colour was he? A woman friend explained that "Kumaran" colour stood for bright yellow though one could not associate the Lord with this colour.

"No, not this shade of yellow, Give me one in the pasu manjal colour," demanded a woman. Racking my brains, I discovered pasu manjal was the yellow of the turmeric paste applied on the forehead of the cows on Mattu Pongal, an important festival in Tamil Nadu. More palatable is the Mambazha (mango) colour sari. The ripe mango is golden yellow in colour and it did look appealing on a silk sari.

Mambazham is certainly palatable."

wrapped up you be...

Bernstar said...

Hey Nathalie - I too have been through cervical cancer, with mine being one of the most aggressive DNA forms. I was fortunate enough to detect it very early through intuition or some sort of guidance from beyond. After my initial "investigative surgery" to find exactly where the cancer cells were situated and how advanced they were (and therefor what treatment was most appropriate), I was intuitively led to a Reiki practitioner. During the Reiki session (I had never had Reiki prior to this) I experienced a bright light then a vivid blue colour, which continued into a feeling of being wrapped in this blue light. I then became aware that the blue light appeared to be feathery like huge wings protecting me. I then saw the wings belonged to a creature. The practitioner asked me why I was crying and asked if i could see "him"? When I said yes, she told me it was the Archangel Michael. I also felt orange light around me, as I often still do when I'm feeling unwell or a bit down. I do not know what this orange light is, but maybe it is also an angel or healing light. When I went back to the specialist for the operation a week after the reiki experience, he was amazed and said that the cancer cells were reacting the opposite of what he would have expected and rather than increasing at a rapid rate, had actually reduced. I didn't have to undergo chemo or radiation and only required 2 operations. I believe this healing was related to reiki and my angel experience. Nathalie, have faith that many people, even those you dont know yet, love and care about you and are sending wonderful healing light to you. I wish you all the best and hope all goes well for you. Will be thinking of you. Love and light to you, from Bernstar

Anonymous said...

Sending love and hugs and health your way -- in the golden orange/yellow color of the mango.

Kate A.
Springfield, VA

Anonymous said...

My biopsy came back OK. I was lucky. Much love and healing hugs across the universe wrapped in mangolicious warmth.

Sydney, Australia

Elly Yule said...

Hi Nathalie, I heard about you from Yaz. Thank you for being such an inspiration. Just to let you know that I have sent a message to the international Healing Prayers Circle so lots of love, healing, energy and prayers are being sent to you from good folks all around the world. (FFI visit: www.GrassdancerEssences.com and click on the Healing Prayers Circle page).
Many Blessings

Tania said...

Hi Nathalie,

Just came across your blog via Yasmin Boland's astro site and wanted to send you healing light across the waves.

I work with an amazing method of healing called the Body Mirror Healing System www.healer.ch which helps us to understand the connection between the symptoms we manifest and what is going on in our consciousness, then by identifying what needs to be changed in our lives, or perceived in a different way, coupled with balancing the chakras/energy system (or even through 'forced' healings such as the one you are going through) beautiful healings take place.

There are quite a few Body Mirror Practioners in Paris if you feel drawn to experiencing this wonderful healing method.

I'm aligning myself with everyone else's healing thoughts for your return to health, peace and wellbeing.

Tania x

Anonymous said...

Bless you in Love and Light, Nathalie. May the Mango colour flood around you and fill you with warmth and healing.
I had cervical cancer Stage 3 at 29 yrs. I was in Hospital the day after the Pap smear results came in. No time to worry or grieve. Time to pray, always time to pray. I had a wedge resection and, aside from other operations whilst trying to get pregnant for the next 8 years, was fairly well and coping with 2 young sons, a 20 square house and a job - Oh yes, and a husband of sorts. In the eighth year the cervical cancer came back! We had been trying for a little girl for 8 years. I had a drawer full of pretty pink dresses, jackets, booties - all things pink! Even a magnificent Silver Cross pram slung on leather straps, with large crossover wheels, all the better for wheeling over curbs and footpaths without waking the sleeping cherub. She never came ... Tears ... I had a Hysterectomy for cervical cancer and hope left on pink-slippered feet. I couldn't eat the hospital food, so the Doctor let me go home after 3 days. All I wanted was my mother's lamb shank and barley broth Irish soup. After I was settled in bed, my husband said he had to go out for an hour. He came back bearing a large saucepan full of my mother's soup. He had rung her and she made it just for me. It is the simple, loving things that get us through. I had 11 metal clamps across my bikini line. I leant forward as I walked. My best friend called me "Creeping Moses" as I followed her into the supermarket 1 week after the operation. I was driving my car at 2 weeks; the curbs hurt when I backed down the driveway or went over a pothole, but "Hey" I was free and life was opening up again. I went back to work (no lifting for 6 weeks) at 4 weeks, and was singing and dancing in the chorus of my local theatre company's production of "Fiddler on the Roof" at 6 weeks post op. If I can do it, my gentle new found friend, so can you. You have a tumour, I was at Stage 3 cancer twice with cell changes. Your battle is deeper than mine, but you SHALL overcome.
On 20 June 2007 I had R/breast Lumpectomy for Invasive Tubular Carcinoma. I fought, oh how I fought, not to have Mastectomy. I am divorced, was alone for 14 years at that time, and so very much in love with a man I had yet to touch. I could not stand in front of him butchered, so bargained with my life to have Lumpectomy. The surgeon took 7 lymph nodes from my right axilla (armpit). I felt healthy, clear, at peace before the operation. I said "No" to the axillary clearance and he countered with "then you'll have to sign a Disclaimer". As a former legal secretary, I was wary of signing away my rights. I agreed to the clearance. The resultant Lymphoedema has spread from my right hand, wrist and upper arm to my left hand and arm, trunk, legs and - worst of all - my ankles. The lymph nodes the surgeon took were clear! Intuition told me I was OK, and I let fear sway me from the Right and True. Listen to your heart as you go through your experience ...
Following the Lumpectomy, I had 6 weeks of radiotherapy, with 1 week to go, when the nurses said they weren't happy with my left breast with nipple discharge. I had sought my GP's advice half a dozen times over 10 months regarding the itching and caking on the area, but he said it was consistent with medication I was taking, which was know to cause lactation in men; so I followed up with the R/breast treatment.
The nurses called an Oncologist to see me. He examined me in a consulting area next to the radiation table and told me then and there, "It's Paget's disease. You'll have to have a Mastectomy. The disease may already be into the milk ducts." All my fighting and pleading for Lumpectomy instead of Mastectomy were in vain.
On 21 November 2007, I had Mastectomy for Paget's disease, pathology proved the cancer was in the milk ducts. All my joy in loving and reaching out to the man I love died in that operation.

I purchased a prosthesis 2 months ago. It has taken me that long to adjust to the need - to accept the scar as part of my body. Not part of me, because the girl inside is still the same; a little wiser, and rueful, but still the same. She just doesn't show on the outside. The face is thinner and the hair white under the brave brown dye, but "Hey" I am here for my sons and grandsons!
I am in a new school course - Event Management - organising a Matinee and Concert with professional Pipe Bands, Scottish singers and dancers. Life is good again and moving forward. My family has supported and encouraged me. I have found a wonderful Church in my capital city, Melbourne. It is Scottish and the Choir sings hymns from the 16th and 17th Centuries. My cup runneth over.
This site is about YOU, your journey of the soul, the trials of the human body and overcoming ravaging disease which also pains the mind with dis-ease and doubt. There is Life and Hope in this illness. We have power in that we can choose our mind-set and face it with our own unique belief systems.
I have gratitude for the rain after drought, rain that put out the worst bushfires in our State since records began. I have gratitude for gentler, sunny days after rain, in which people can regroup, plan to rebuild, rejoin their communities.
I have gratitude that the man I love is still in my life - as a friend - for I will seek no more than that.
I have gratitude that my 13 yr old grandson stood back-to-back with me last week and is 2in taller than me. I might not have been here to see him grow.
I have gratitude for the sweet air I breathe and that the Full Moon is suspended, silvery clear, in the black starlit sky above me as I write to you.
Cherished Nathalie - you are building your journey step by step; surrounding yourself in Mango light. May I surround you with White Light for Protection and Golden Light for Love ... I believe in the Light as a power to heal.
I have gratitude for Yasmin’s www.monology.com website, as I read her wisdom and whimsy every morning to prepare me for the vagaries of the day before me; and whose wisdom and spiritual beliefs led me to your gentle soul in travail.
May your Higher Power be with you in these days, as you walk the path to Health and Peace ...

Kym said...

Sending you many, many, many armfuls of juicy mango hugs...xx

Dusk said...

Sending much love and peace wrapped in womango love Nathalie.
...my heart is pounding with the magic of what it means to be part of the Sisterhood. reading the other comments, the absolute love and power that radiates is...wow. Just wow.
Love, love, love...