25 March 2009

living in gratitude 34 : preparing for radiotherapy

Dr Jeannin treats cancer patients through acupunture, preparing the patient's body and boosting the immune system for chemo and radiotherapy before and after each treatment. He's got a fabulous reputation. He's another person in the team of people getting me better.

I laughed and said to him that he was putting a load more pins in me than last time : "this is necessary" he responded seriously, "it is to prepare you well physically and mentally for your treatment".

Mmmmm makes sense as I barely slept last night out of anxiety for what I have to go through.

I head to institut Marie Curie at 3PM Paris time today. The bag is packed with lots of creative goodies.

On a phone call earlier today with D from NY, we were looking for the positive points of having 120 hours of radiotherapy in the span of 6 days , being pinned down to a bed and unable to move for the whole 6 days ... I was having difficulty finding a positive aspect to this whole scenario(D had her radiotherapy over 6 weeks and said it was psychologically very difficult).

For a positive point she came up with the following: "this is actually great news : in one week, you are going in with cancer and you are coming out with it being treated. It's only going to take a week and then it is over."


Anonymous said...

Bless D! Yasmin x

Anonymous said...

do not doubt it will be better, love, it will

Ellen said...

You are doing so well. Keep up the great work. We're all sending you love and loads of healing energy.

Dallas, TX