06 March 2009

living in gratitude 21: hospital visits

Yesterday, my first visit to Institut Marie-Curie in the 5th arrondissement. This is the view when I step out of the building (part of hospital is on the right, and in the centre is the Pantheon).

The Institut Marie-Curie is specialised in cancer treatment... The team is fab. Had another check-up on my present state of affairs, blood test, xray, heart check-up, all in preparation for my first operation next week. I go in on Monday. Op on Tuesday. Out Tuesday night.

In this first op, the surgeon (radiotherapist is present at the operation) goes inside on a microscopic level and checks where else the cells may be playing around... and from there, they decide the level of chemotherapy + radiotherapy.

The blood of humanity : colour deep red

preparations for the first operation on tuesday... is my heart ok?

a lot of waiting for appointments ... my IPOD keeps my mind focused. Am listening to a lot of meditation cds while I wait.

Why, in 2009 are places of healing not filled with any sense of beauty?

Everyone thinks it is amusing I am photographing. It does add a level of fun.


Kym said...

The pic of the floor look like a road..do you have to keep to the right?

Yazzle Bee xxx said...

I love that you can keep some fun in this - I could hear you talking in that line line of this post. I am thinking of you and sending love darlinka... ybxxxx