25 March 2009

living in gratitude 35 : a new colour for my blanket

I am heading in for a week's treatment to Institut Marie Curie today.

This time, I wish for the colour of my blanket to be an indigo/ white glowing with a white aura. So please wrap me up in this blanket of love when you are sending your thoughts to me over the next week.

Tomorrow Thursday is a big day as it is the next operation and the beginning of the treatment. So I would particularly appreciate your thoughts+ when you light your candles to wrap me up in that beautiful blanket of love coloured indigo-white.

This is a photo taken by Mirjam in south Germany in 07, the day after Claudio's birthday when we were tidying up the disco balls in the barn (where we had danced and projected our videos the previous night).


Kym said...

what a beautiful pic - so full of light...my thoughts are with you, lovely girl xx

Caroline and Tom said...

sending you layers of indigo to protect you

and this to distract you


Anonymous said...

hi nat.

our thoughts are with you.
from all the family.

(drop me the phone n° !)


Anonymous said...

Thinking of you dearest one. Try to remain positive. A tough ask in a trying process. If you are struggling - hand it over.
Love you
Zoe x

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

In Melbourne this week, at a gallery called Craft Victoria, a show called INDIGO GIRLS was preformed. The audience were required to bring along garments to dye in vats of Indigo. They were then hung to dry on line around the gallery, thus forming the 'show'. Your Indigo white light blanket from this small part of the world took its origins here,
with the women, up to their elbows in indigo, following such a long history of procedure, of labour and strength...
Which is what I send you, Strength.

Anonymous said...

Pooch - Natta - Chemo Ballerina
Here I was lying on da couch on a lazy Friday only to flick on SBS and see the clitoris doco you produced 2 yrs ago on our SBS here in Australia?!?
How much more validation do we need of your pink bits and glorious recovery ?
Gosh - Gosh - Gosh
Isnt that big?

10:00The Clitoris: Forbidden Pleasure

This doco is...
Topics about female sexuality are growing in popularity. Magazines and talk shows all discuss it. Yet a fair percentage of women are said to suffer from female sexual dysfunction. While male sexual problems have traditionally received the most publicity, only recently has research begun into the problems that plague female sexuality. This film looks at the medical, cultural, psychological and relational reasons for women's dysfunction, and explores female arousal and its anatomical basis. (From France, in French and English, English subtitles) (Documentary) (Rpt) MA (S,N,A) CC

heal baby - just heal
I love you
S x