20 May 2008

Hijacked opening 22 May Neunplus, Berlin

image by robinschwartz is found in hijacked

Today we put up the photos for the opening at Neunplus, photographer's run gallery in Berlin


The event is the launch for HIJACKED - Australian and American Contemporary Photography...


other favourite photographers in the book are :



Lodz Fotofestival, Poland

Last weekend I took a 7 hour train ride from Berlin to Lodz, Poland and attended the Lodz Fotofestival : http://fotofestiwal.com/2008/
theme ... China...

a fabulous team run by artistic director Krzysztof Candrowicz - it's a small festival full of lovely people - there is something about the younger polish generation creating these cultural events, with an incredible amount of energy and positiveness.

In the main programme were favourites like : Virgilio Ferrera

and Liu Lijie (it was her first visit out of Beijijng - she had been invited to Fotofest in Houston but had been refused a visa to visit...)

Images and video from my series : speaking through water was a part of the main programme.

13 May 2008

more on berlin show

I have chosen to do a lot of personal tours of the show, which is a very enriching process, as it is a way to see how people respond to the various layers of the work. The process has also taught me more about the work.

This takes the visitor to the SPEAKING THROUGH WATER piece,

turn left and there is the photographic work from SPEAKING THROUGH WATER, which is a very personal journey of not being able to speak at my father's funeral.

I extended the work to others, asking them what they felt was important to say, but felt they were not heard / couldn't say.

The messages that others wanted to communicate were very personal ones, (I thought they would be more political). The resonance of their expression was similar to my intial motivation.

video projection room with wide entrance

lush video on giant screen...

09 May 2008

last night at universitat musik und darstellende kunst

last night while I was giving my talk in Frankfurt...
In Vienna, at the universitat musik und darstellende kunst, Tamara Friebel's Voices Triptych: voce silenzio, voce acqua, voce sogno was performed !

Tamara Friebel composed the work in hommage to SPEAKING THROUGH WATER, Nathalie Latham for prepared piano, celesta, harpsichord, soprano, teapot, folks flute & CD.

piano. urszula muszynska
soprano. kaoko amano

The performance was recorded and will be the soundtrack for future projections of SPEAKING THROUGH WATER video.

fotografie forum frankfurt

Last night, the lovely Korean photographer, Han Sungpil and I opened the Summer Academy Fotografie Forum Frankfurt, by being the first guest speakers for the year.

Very blurry images of Han Sungpil giving his talk, (I couldn't work out his camera... it was all in Korean...). Han is artist-in-resident at la cité des arts in Paris for the year.

The very wonderful director for FFI, Celina Lunsford took great care of us...

and we met her colleague, Sabina who spent 5 years in Tasmania (with her geologist husband)... Rather amusing hearing a German woman speak in aussie twang.

safeguarding berlin show

this is the entrance of the show...

sripuram, south india, a living example of safeguarding humanity's cultural heritage, people and the environment.

LIGHTBOX 94cm x 104cm

the texts for each piece are hand written in tumeric coloured books, suspended by a nail + cotton thread, giving the viewer and intimate experience with each story.

entrance to the first video room, showing THE GIFT OF 10 000 SARIS

Opening night...Here we have Lovely-Leipzig based artist (from Nice, France) Neven www.unevenement.com/neven walking into the exhibition in his orange sweater. And wonderful Miriam Dym www.dymproducts.com (in striped shirt) sitting talking to my gorgeous brother David (white shirt) in front of the installation, Jonathan is on head phones (also from Nice).

Here I am snapped by Neridah Leembruggen who came from London for the show. Left is Katharina Mouratdati, Berlin based photographer who coaches me on project management www.mouratidi.de , right is Berlin based designer Lindy Stokes stokx.de (who is also in the LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT book) and the back of Joy's head, Lindy's mum from Australia.

Christoph Tannert, (to the left waving his hand) director of the Künstlerhaus Bethanien International Residency Programme with Daniel (Portuguese artist-in-resident) and his lovely lady with a great name, Lara Torres