16 March 2009

living in gratitude 27 : another confirmation

This morning I received a phone call from Institut Marie Curie: it is confirmed. No radiotherapy this week (and according to the conversation I had at 8PM last Friday night with the head of the radiology department), looks like I will be exempt from treatment for 2 whole weeks... as it takes that much time to re-order the radioactive source from the specified nuclear power plant in Holland... transport it...retest it etc...

I am taking this as another blessing and another opportunity to keep focus on taking care of myself, resting, meditating, visualising, eat ing well, continuing my supplements and further reduce the tumor...

Yesterday, was an amazing spring day in Paris - full sunshine + buds starting to come out. I am now so full of my supplements which Mitch Gaynor (oncologist from NY) gave me + my vegie juices + diet - my energy levels have soared!!! So walked and walked around enjoying the sunshine and the beauty + quietness of Paris on a Sunday.

During my walk, bumped into Philippe and his grandson Nil, at Canal St Martin. Philippe hand printed my photos for my solo show at the National Portrait Gallery + for the book "LOVE IT + LEAVE IT" - Australia's Creative Diaspora.

Philippe's son (Nil's father) and Mona (Nil's mum) are in the background smiling, with bicycle...

I had so much energy, I totally overdid it with the walking... so today am taking it very, very quietly...

om namo narayani
om namo narayani
om namo narayani


Anonymous said...

Your skin is glowing with health.
Vitality bursting from deep within.
I love you.
we, me, fi, ush - we send you our luuuurve energy - as always.
a little bit of Queensland sunshine shine shine darling natta
feel the golden light and vitamin D penetrating your womb
luv luv
Z x x x x

Kym said...

There is nothing like fresh air and sunshine is there? So great that you were out and about in it!! xx