27 November 2011

drawing again

om om om

text : may wisdom grow in the heart of each human
being on this planet

text: breathe

22 November 2011

a favourite quote of the day

‎"More fundamental than religion

is our basic human spirituality.

We have a basic human disposition towards love,

kindness and affection, irrespective of

whether we have a religious framework or not.

When we nurture this most basic human resource –

when we set about cultivating those basic inner values

which we all appreciate in others,

then we start to live spiritually."

Dalai Lama

20 October 2011

Feeling the world in a rainforest

I had a most profound experience during the visit the virgin rainforest in Tamil Nadu, these last few days.

Here are a few pix. The first one is Ramana's grandfather and his temporary home, while he guards his family's fields of mountain rice (very soon to be harvested).

Here is Ramana climbing the root of a tree during our walk. He's just completed 10th grade at school and now works full time for his family (4 generations live under same roof).

Afternoon walk deep into the forest where the air was cool.

Our morning walk earlier in the day.

04 September 2011

delicious surprises

Today I was in bed with slight flu / head-ache and I was remembering a trip in Texas that I had made with a friend, Claudio... we haven't been in touch for over a year (maybe more) ...

and tonight I received an email from him with this photograph of me in his garden in south Germany, taken in 2008 (or there abouts... during my artist-residency in Berlin), the day after his birthday party (Mirjam Siefert was photographing me holding a disco ball in my hand)... We were feeling rather hung over and playing with the mirrored reflections of the disco-mirror ball and sunlight...

how stunning is that image? ... talk about a delicious surprise... thank-you.

05 June 2011

by request

By request of my lovely friends in California, Ruthie + Bar - I'm sticking up some drawings because they wanted to see more.

THis first one is a letter to Mother Nature :
dear mother nature, it's now been 2 years since i finished treatment. I feel OK. Thank you for this feeling.

no text (a bit o mother nature climbing up the page)

18 March 2011


I found myself waking up in Geneva this morning,
for Carin's wedding (tomorrow).
The sun is shining, sky is a muted blue,
the blue you find in European skies at this time of year
(oh spring is a stunning time of the year
in this neck of the world).

My thoughts are constantly going out to all those,
throughout the world in need of
inner strength, courage and comfort.

12 January 2011

a new day : my morning wake up call

A first, for this blog in a long long time. It seemed easy enough to be cured : go through the treatment. But healing has been another, complex, unexplicable ball-game. There has been no road map... no clear directions.

2010 was a year of silence, retreat and quiet. Healing has required every fibre of my being.

Communication needed to be placed on pause to be able to fathom and let myself be guided through the complex labyrinth of healing a traumatised body following cancer treatment.

So here it is, my first step towards sharing words + images : the image of the very mischievous monkeys coming to wake me up in the morning, curious of who's behind the screen. Is there a potential for a banana or two to appear ???