17 June 2008

hyphenated australians

For those in the LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT series or those interested in the movement of Australian artists_creatives engaging globally - 

you may enjoy HYPHENATED AUSTRALIANS (a title clocked up by the lovely Geoffrey Batchen from CUNY who also wrote the introduction to the book)

It is a collaboration with Jack Pam and can be found on his site.


14 June 2008

bye bye bethanien

This weekend I'm packing up the studio, and a year of home-base at Bethanien. Lots of emotions letting go of this one. It's been a significant base and community to have and the travel / meetings of incredible individuals has made it constantly enriching. Gratitude. Gratitude. Gratitude.

12 June 2008

Australian Centre of Photography : Hijacked opening today

After organising the launch in Berlin with Mirjam + Mark McPherson + the Neunplus crew.... The last few days I have been on line with Jack Pam as he's been assisting with the Australian Centre of Photography show hanging.

Hijacked at ACP opens tonight... lots of loved ones will be there sharing moments in Sydney... I'll be in Berlin, first photographing the gorgeous BISHOP family (from brisbane : 4 children + 2 parents travelling with Cirque du Soleil as dad, Steve is ex-dentist turned into professional cirque clown)

then seeing Willard White perform the first part of The Ring at the Berlin Philharmonie (in preparation for the Aix-en-Provence show of The Ring) ... so yes sad I won't be sharing the love at the Australian Centre of Photography show, but experiencing other expressions of love with wonderful people.

07 June 2008

NO MORE OIL another JACK PAM collaboration


Last time I was in HOUSTON TEXAS, I was exhibiting in the ARTISTS RESPONDING TO VIOLENCE, at Fotofest Biennale 06.

On my days off, I walked the very wide streets of Houston, the home of America's oil companies and interviewed people I came across, asking them, one simple question :

"What will you do when there is no more oil?"

I interviewed on the street, as people were standing around, waiting for public transport (which is synonymous for being too poor to own a car). Then I ventured into the major shopping mall (as it was the only place in the-car-serving-city, where I could find people to interview who had the resources to have a car..)

NO MORE OIL will also be exhibited at the Australian Centre of Photography as a part of the HIJACKED show from JUNE 16

Video / Interviews done by Nathalie Latham.
Soundtrack by Jack Pam.
mapfilms.net 2008.

06 June 2008

do you vote? series


What do you think of the priorities of the present day government?

What would you like the priorities of the next government to be?

How would you define the relationship between your country and the USA?

These are the four questions I ask people in Do you vote?, an ongoing series, where I travel on public transport around a country, finding out the diverse ways in how people see their country and its leadership AND how they would like to see it.

I interview about 70 - 100 people per country.
So far England, Germany, USA, Australia are a part of the Do You Vote? series. Next step is to visit countries from Africa, Asia, and ex-Soviet Union to give the series a more global perspective.

The collaborations with sound artists (rehashing / playing around with the sound interviews) will need to be uploaded...

These are images from DO YOU VOTE? England series supported by LE MONDE 2, France.

LE MONDE 2 also published the Do You Vote? Germany series.

Also check http://nathalielatham.blogspot.com/2007/11/do-you-vote-series-article-in.html

Hijacked Zine Exhibition Stuttgart

Some of my videos are in this edition presently showing in Stuttgart...until June 15... before they head back to Sydney to the Australian Centre of Photography for the Hijacked launch June 16.

sleeping angels
are in Hijacked Video Zine Exhibition in Stuttgart

Hijacked Volume 1 - Australia and America.
contemporary media art e.V.
Co-curated by Dr. Cornelia Lund und Dr. Holger Lund & Mark McPherson
70182 Stuttgart
I www.fluctuating-images.de
E fluctuating-images@gmx.de
T 0049-(0)711-5051114
M 0049-(0)163-2875953

For more information on the exhibition please see: