24 March 2009

living in gratitude 33 : creating a schedule

So, how do I organise my mind when I am going to literally be 'pinned down' physically on my back (not being able to get up, nor move onto my side, nor on my stomach) for 6 days ?

I am not yet sure how the procedure works when I get the actual radiotherapy - but I will have 20-25 minutes of radiation and 35-40 minutes break every hour.

So to occupy my mind - I have :
1. books
2. ink for drawing
3. oil pastels for drawing
4. notebook for writing
5. dvds for giggling distraction (which have been lent by friends)
6. FIMO - a german type of plasticine which you can make colourful objects out of + put in the oven to solidify.
7. crocheting (am making Neridah a tea-cosy inspired by Tara's teacosy revolution)
8. camera to photograph with
9. blog to update daily (that will be interesting...)
10. paint + canvas (when I start feeling sorry for myself I refer to Frida Kahlo who spent a long time "pinned" to her bed)
11. white italian clay (which they sell here in small batches)
12. sticky tape, glue, scissors (for collage making)
13. sound therapy machine (one of my saving graces through this process)

+ meditation techniques...

Creating things makes me happy so if any one else has ideas - please send them through.


Kym said...

FIMO is awesome!! Maybe you could make little characters that represent the 'warriors' taking on the tumour - now what would they look like?? xx

Aga said...

lots of love. praying to give you strength for next days...

Anonymous said...

108 Om Namo Narayanis on a regular basis...!

Positive visualisations of the thing you most want to do when all this is done and dusted.

Did I see iPod on the list?

Multi-dimensional music - see http://tinyurl.com/dbwwcz - I recommend the CD Renaissance

Writing Haikus

Head massages from a friend

Yasmin xoxox

Anonymous said...

Picture youself getting up out of bed, walking outside and, while laughing, shaking that cherry blossom tree until you are surrounded in the beautifullness of it all.
Om Shanti x