29 March 2009

living in gratitude 38 : my nurse Lakshmi Narayani

Yesterday the new nurse for the next 3 day shifts arrived : an Indian woman named Nara, born a month earlier than I.

My nurse told me that Nara had visited my room a few days earlier, when I was in the operating theatre and after seeing the images on my wall had told her supervisor "I want to take care of her." (I have images of Goddess Narayani + Goddess Durga).

When we met for the first time yesterday, I was enthusiastic about meeting her as her colleagues spoke so highly of her, "you are Nara!".

She replied, "actually my name is Narayani".

The expression on my face must have been one of disbelief (I have never met a woman called Narayani, let alone my nurse in Paris...) as she showed me her badge and there was her name.

She responded "and my full name is Lakshmi Narayani" and said, pointing to the poster (see top photo), when I see that image, I see myself.

(check out Natalie's work, sculptor of the stunning statue in this poster - she specialises in inspired sacred sculptures)


I asked her "do you know there is a golden temple in South India in your honour Lakshmi Narayani?"

She knew of the Golden Temple as her family lives in Chennai, but she hasn't yet seen it. I told her that I have loads of photos on my computer to show her of the temple (I have photographed the temple in detail).

Sri Lakshmi Narayani Temple at dawn - taken late last year.


maria said...

Hello my Lovely
So Amma has sent you your very own walking talking Lakshmi!!
But this is all too good to be true ....and it could only happen to you!
We all made it to the Puja in Bondi Jnct today (when I gave up trying to juggle things to get there, it all fell into place)
Lakshmi, Durga and Saraswati were there and they all received the full treatment by Nadav.
It was very special to see Chris and Johannas there as well.
I'm sending you a little jar of Christian Community Church Black Olives which we took to the Puja for you.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you always .
Lots of love from Maria Lucho, Max and Sophie

vanderwheelin said...

Hi Nathalie,
I havent spoken to you since meeting you at Peedam a couple months ago, it has been a while. I attended the puja today in Sydney, and it felt very powerful, a lot of strong healing energy in the room, coming from your Sydney friends who love you dearly. You are in my prayers for strength, courage, healing and surrender. By the way I love that your nurse is Narayani. Can't be in better hands.
Om Namo Narayani

Tobias said...

This is DIVINE healing at work...