17 March 2009

living in gratitude 28 : resting

Resting... and listening to music and looking out my window from my bed... and enjoying beauty.

Resting... also because I am still recovering from my over-enthusiasm of last weekend ... having gone way beyond my energy levels... now feeling quite low emotionally and physically. So letting beauty comfort me.

Here is a gift from sophie and jack in melbourne : I particularly like the break-dancing dinosaur solo.

A gift from a friend who works in the Louvre museum : I said i wanted to see beautiful images, so her lovely response has been to go around the museum and photograph her favourite images (as she couldn't find them as postcards).

Here is a painting by Luini of the baby Jesus sleeping (St John the Baptist is to bottom left). This painting can be find in the main gallery, near Da Vinci's Mona Lisa.

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June Moorhouse said...

Hullo lovely Nathalie.

I was drawn to your blog by Soph and Jack's animation but spent ages last night reading through it and visiting some of your favourite sites. All very special and it is wonderful that you are sharing this journey of recovery and discovery with us.

I had the same operation at 41, 12 years ago, due to early ovarian cancer. The really hard part for me was the death of my much-loved mother from breast cancer 2 weeks after I got out of hospital. The combined grief and confusion about where I finished and Mum began was tough.

I'd encourage you to keep talking to friends of all ages as you journey on because I now reflect on how early menopause impacted on me and most of the symptoms I ascribed to grief. It's only now that my friends are hitting menopause that I realise how many of the feelings and experiences related, at least in part, to the extreme hormonal changes that I'd undergone. But, like you, I took the opportunities that arose from the illness and am certain that my life has been blessed as a result. And I am healthy.

Love and light to you my dear and all nourishing things, but most of all love.

June (Soph's Mum)