02 March 2009

Living in gratitude 17 : one foot in front of the other

These were taken on the way back after meeting the surgeon for the first time.

Latest news is that I'll now be needing an operation to check there is no cancer in the lymph nodes then radiotherapy + chemotherapy, followed by removing the tumor through surgery.

I spoke to Mitch in NY a few hours later, and he reminded me :

"the goal is to make sure you are cured.
Only keep this in mind :to cure.
So that you never have to deal with this again.
Place one foot in front of the other."



Anonymous said...

I .................. your Lime

Abigail Pugh said...

I just learnt of your cancer. I don't know any details - will try to find out from your blog - but I wanted to let you know how shocked and sorry I am that you're going through this. I am sending you powerful thoughts of recovery. You, I know, will find ways through that are inspiring, brave and full of life-love.
Thinking of you.

Yasmin said...

LOVING the pics darlinka - hope you had a good day today. Have you got my card yet? Putting another in the post today. Yasmin x

Dany said...

Nathalie, I hope you can relax before tuestday 10th, I know you are doing your best, and as the saying goes "this too shall pass"....only time has to do it´s work,,,,I know being patient is not very easy,,,,but surely you`ll learn and grow to be strong, very strong. I´ll think of you on your mango blanket, from here Buenos Aires, Argentina, Sth America....warm regards...Daniela

Mel Desmond said...

Dear Nathalie,
I am a subscriber and avid fan of Yasmin Boland's Moonology and just received her message to check out your blog... it is incredibly candid and moving.
While I do not know you personally, I am sending you my positive vibes and healing thoughts. I am visualising pink and white healing energies surround and target your cancer and heal it. And of course I am visualising you wrapped in your Mango blanket. Much love, hope and faith to you from Sydney Australia.
I am a believer in Divine Timing and Guidance and I believe that all our experiences and what encounter in this life has been sent from the heavens above to help us grow and learn. May this experience help your Divine Spirit grow and learn, and have faith that all will be well and that all that is happening right now is meant to be happening, as per Divine Timing. Embrace the experience and harness the inner strength, courage and love of your Divine Spirit. You will be in my thoughts and prayers.
Much love and positive energy to you, Melissa xoxoxo

mary mary. said...

Dear natalie,

I just learned about your experience with cancer on Yasmin's Moonology site. My thoughts and love and light are with you at this time. I am seeing you as strong and vital and able to get through this time.

I had to enter hospital for interventions when I was pregnant with my fourth child - this was very confronting for me as i was a home birthing mum and not conditioned to the hospital culture. Something that helped me on the days that I had to go to hospital for procedures was to start the day with a shower and visualise the shower water as silver droplets showering my aura with resilience and positive/ protective energy, cleansing all my chakras.

When i walked through the hospital doors - as a conscious way of staying in my power - I would visualise white light surrounding my aura and say to myself that I was strong and able to stay in my power while allowing the interventions to heal me.

I also visualised my healing guides with me when I entered the hospital - they were like 'back-up' for when I felt too tired to do my own 'protection' work.

I hope this helps you - it helped me alot to know I was contributing to holding a healing space for myself.

Mango love and light dear Natalie.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nathalie,
We do not know each other. I learned of you from an e-mail that was sent to me from Yasmin Boland asking people to send positive thoughts and prayers to you at this time.
I am a cancer survivor. I was diagnosed Sept. '02 with stage lll colorectal cancer at the age of 42-I did the chemo, radiations, surgeries, more chemo, more surgeries thing! Faith, no questions, just faith, acceptance, trust. I found going with the flow is really quite easy. Take each day as it comes, do what ever you can and know that every morning when you open your eyes you have a choice as to how you view this day, how you greet it and the attitude you want to do it with. We create any reality we can conceive. Breathe...rest, take time to be still, see the beauty that surrounds you and is within you and know that you are supported and you are stronger than you can even imagine. The quickest way to heal is to put one foot in front of the other and keep going...Nathalie, my prayers to you, my love and best wishes for
you to get on with everything and keep putting that one foot in front of the other.
Love to you,

Anonymous said...

Hi Nathalie :)

I too was impelled to stop by when Yasmin posted a link to your blog...she knows how these things work!

More love...more love...more love...more love...more love!

We all get our lessons differently but to each, the message is the same...live in the now. Be in the present moment.

Why do anxiety, stress and negativity arise? Because we turn away from the present moment. Why? Because we thought something else was more important.

I am still learning how to keep my mind on the now and not in the past. Or future. I don't have cancer. My battle is with myself.

Blessings and peace be with you as with all.