10 May 2007

hyphenated australians

Here is one of the installations from the AUSTRALIA'S CREATIVE DIASPORA show presently on at the Australian National Portrait Gallery.

The soundtrack is done by Jack Pam www.mapfilms.net
Interviews are from the book LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT : Australia's Creative Diaspora (Published by Australian National Portrait Gallery + T&G Publishing 2007)

09 May 2007

the show on saturday

the youngest visitor to my show, louis bo-bo and his papa in front of William Barton and Lloyd Newson pictures.

my night at the NPG

oooh la la!

ok - this blog is starting thanks to yasmin the awesome astrologer moonology.com

she's the one who took the photo of myself madly signing books (apparently I signed 80 books in an hour... Brook said that I looked like a rabbit caught in head-lights, I like the image...)

ok so for ze blog - here we go...