02 March 2009

living in gratitude 16

This was the table opposite me last night...

The folds in the two table cloths remind me of two nuns chatting to eachother.

Casa, with whom I had dinner with last night, lent me his little digital camera (thanks Casa) as my cameras are all in Australia. I hadn't had any desire to photograph anything, and then on Saturday I saw Agnes Varda's most recent documentary "Agnes sur la plage" (Agnes on the beach). Varda was the only woman in the new wave movement of French cinema. To celebrate her 80th year of life, she did a very beautiful, quirky and loving documentary looking back on her life (there are many scenes, where she is filmed, looking directly at the camera while walking backwards : "this film is about going backwards, back is time").

So thanks to Casa and Varda, I have taken my first snaps since early January. Not many people in the pix for the moment... Casa said "finally you are going to photograph Paris for us"

I never photograph Paris as I feel it's been so photographed... but now I am feeling different.

The wine was good.

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