18 July 2007

The National Portrait Gallery show in Australia

I just got these images in this morning from the National Portrait Gallery.
Photographs done by a local photographer David Paterson, (DORIAN Photographics).

For those who couldn't make it - this is the exterior (love those Australian sunsets!)

Entrance with Copenhagen based musicians :
Pete Morrison and Tonya Lemoh.

Entrance with snaps of all those Australian artists living around the world.

I photographed and interviewed over 100 Australian artists
who at one stage decided to pack their bags and head out to other shores
where their work would gather a different resonance/ response.
Some returned. Most didn't.

The exhibition included photography, and video
(both a projection room and a video stack).

All the photos are in black and white,
each artist is photographed in their favourite location.

I photographed and interviewed Australian artists based in cities :
Amsterdam, Beijing, Berlin, Copenhagen, London, Los Angeles, New York, Shanghai.

The series took six years.
I feel like I am doing the voice over of a the-making-of-dvd...

This is the back wall of the Gallery - the second shot to the left is Geoffrey Batchen,
wonderful photographic historian based in New York.
He wrote a powerful introduction to ze book.

The book is worth reading. And I don't say that because it's my work but because it's a great documentation of a bunch of talented people of my generation who received a great education and absorbed an extraordinary landscape growing up in Australian and chose to practise their art globally.

the video projection room

hyphenated australians
sound by jack pam.
text by geoffrey batchen.
made in 2007 for the NPG show.

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