26 July 2007

Love it and Leave it - the book

I just got off the phone to Gianni, publisher of

Published by
T&G Publishing +
Australian National Portrait Gallery
157 pages

It took Gianni's eagle eye for design and a load of love, faith, commitment and madness to get this book into being materialised within a very short amount of time. (He agreed to do the book in dec 06 and we were printing it early april 07 in Singapore... and launching it at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra early may...).

An example of the absurdity and extraordinary aspect of the situation was that Gianni had never met me. And we made the whole book with Gianni in Sydney and me in Paris and LOADS of emails, and hours and hours of phone calls with little respect to time difference (I was often woken up at 4 am...Do you know what time it is?????)... We met for the first time in Singapore the day before the book went to print.

There was an extraordinary wave of support to get this book happening - I have so many stories involving synchronicity and people's support. I'm grateful to each person.

I realised I haven't put the book on this blog - so here we go.

I'll be doing book signings in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Paris + New York over the next 12 months - so will keep you posted...

For those in Australia still wanting a copy, write direct to Gianni (gianni@tgpublishing.com.au) or ask at a bookstore where you can order it.

There are only 1000 copies in print - and they are going...


KT said...

Bonjour Nathalie, I heard your interview with Phillip Adams on Radio National. Where can I buy your book??

My husband and I are in the early stages of developing a film documentary on an australian portrait artist in Paris. I'd love to correspond with you - is this the best place?

Kind regards, KT
Kirsten Trengove

KT said...

Hi again, I just read your post more closely and have emailed Gianni for details about how to get hold of you book. It looks fantastic - congratulations!