23 July 2007

Berlin - my new home

I arrived in Berlin this month and feel very blessed to be here.

This is my studio, on the second floor - overlooking the trees in the park of Marianneplatz. I am here as an artist in residence for a year.

The Bethanien K├╝nstlerhaus is in Kreuzberg - the old "west" part of Berlin with a large turkish population and artists from all over the world (rent is the cheapest out of all the captital cities in Europe).

The building is an old ecclestial hospice: there is a chapel now converted into an exhibition space, a whole wing for the Bethanien artist residencies and workshops.

Another wing is a music school and children walking about with violin cases and playing beautifully out of tune. And the third wing is full of squatters (version "we are anarchists".)

It's got a great vibe and there is everything here to do great work so I am looking forward to getting my teeth into life, work and the german language.

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1 comment:

daniel said...

What a space Nathalie,

Your potentials will all be reached, they would have been there. love it!