18 July 2007

delicious moments in australia

These are some images for my friends who don't know Australia.

The beach is a favourite home of mine in Bermagui, 5 hours drive south of Sydney.

I went after the Canberra show in May and only had the time to spend the weekend here this time, but symbolically each time I return home, I need to stay with these friends, Sheena and Bill and swim that part of the ocean (last time I stayed, whales were heading down south...)

The water was cold but I developed a technique of standing in the water for long enough for my body to acclimatise. Made for an invigorating swim. And also a chance to send offerings to the Ocean goddess.

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Frenh Fry said...

how are you
i need youre advice:
i want to perform in a talent show but i don't know what to do. i can't sing or play an instrument so!!!
the auditions are on sat 20.10.07 and i still havn't found someone to do it with.
how are you?
how's berlin?
love xxx
French Fry (caroline)