27 July 2007

Photo by Mirjam Siefert

Here is a photo by HILS FOUNDATION founding member, Mirjam Siefert taken the following day of the 150 year party at Claudio's place.

We were tidying up the barn. Kalaman, the mirror sculptor who had set up the super sculptures and disco balls was bringing down the installation - with the shining sun, Mirjam started snapping the reflection and I jumped in the image and got the mirror ball swirling... this was the effect... magical eh?

And... now I am the proud owner of a disco ball - it's hanging in my berlin studio.

Thanks Mirjam for the photo ! (I have the extraordinary luck of having Mirjam and her bloke, Ede as neighbours down the road, also in Kreuzberg... I feel like they are my home base here in Berlin, they know the city really well and I can call them up anytime. My Berlin guardian angels...)


minnie (haha) said...

Amaaaaazing photo - can't wait for yours from India darl - please say hi to Amma for me - Yasmin x x x x


Hey Nathalie, lovely photo. Just wrote you about a Berlin show I'm in, but you're gone, so says your e mail. I will put up a little piece about you on our Lalande Blog, which I just launched. I'll include your book.

Be well...