18 July 2007

what's been happening...

OK - I'm going to back track a bit - as I haven't been tending to this blog.

TO give you a bit of an update of what has happened in the last few months... this is a picture that I took before I made my speech at my show at the National Portrait Gallery in Canberra, Australia which took place in May.

If you double click on the image - you can see it better.

To the very very left is the wonderful Aunty Delmae Barton, who flew from Brisbane to bless everyone and the show with her singing. She's a national treasure and mother to the very special William Barton, who featured in the show and book. (www.williambarton.com.au)

Jack Pam gave a fab live performance, dj-ing selections of the interviews with music.

There are also some orbs floating around the image too - the joy was definately present that night and the amazing thing was how inter-connected everyone was to eachother. Hephzibah Rendle-Short from London (www.rendle-short.com) Justin Benn came from Beijing, Karen Jacobsen from New York (www.karenjacobsen.com). Antonia Pesenti (www.antoniapesenti.com), Samantha Lang, Sarah Lambert, from Sydney. Max Pam and his crew from Freo.

A lot of family or friends of those who were in the show or the book turned up. So it was just lovely to meet everyone and see how all the individuals, spread across the world were represented by loved ones that night.

The Portrait Gallery, (I was told) had never had so many people at an opening nor had they sold so many books on an opening night !

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