23 July 2007

Celebrating Claudio's 150 years

I came back at 2:30 this mornin from the south of Germany (thank-you Wolfgang for driving safely) as this weekend Claudio accumulated 150 years of celebration : his house is 100 years old this year (see pic), he is 45 and he has lived in the house for 5 years.

I had told him all week that I wasn't going to come as I was just TOOOOOO exhausted from my travels and moving.

But ol' Claudio has a knack of getting his vision materialised: and somehow, the night before he got me enticed into going (how did he do it??? i would say a handful of persistance and a pinch o' magic).

So, the following morning there I was driving 800 kilometers with fellow HIL FOUNDATION member, Wolfgang to the the southern part of Germany.

Here are pix of the preparations on Saturday: Ede putting together his super 8 installation.

Claudio and Eva putting images together for the screens in the barn (dancing zone).

The most impressive traveller was EJ who sneaked away for the night from her M.A. studies clan who were visiting the Venice Biennale and flew from Venice to Stuttgart... I had met EJ briefly in both Houston at Fotofest and then in Birmingham last year. So it was a real surprise to see her and good to re-connect. I exhibited with Claudio last year in Houston and EJ exhibited with Claudio this year at Darmstadt's festival (where I exhibited last year)... so these connections just keep on...

Installation for ze food...

Juliane preparing clown activities for the children. Juliane is about to head to Indonesia to work with street children.
Mirjam with last minute preparations on ze phone.

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