23 July 2007

Berlin house warming

On my second night here - Lindy, Sophie Jo + Jack Map, Anna + James, Coco Chanel and Max came over to warm my new home. Max was in town for a few days, Lindy lives here, Sophie Jo, and Jack had arrived in Berlin the day before, Coco had arrived that morning and Anna + James were about to leave.

So it was pretty amazing to have the Pam connection happening and to be together.

(Max, Jack and Soph had all been with me in Canberra for the national portrait gallery show). And Lindy is in the book (as iz Max).

In the pic, Sophie is showing us her wish for her next big hair-do.

Sophie Jo made dessert, with Jack as assistant and Max cooked a chook Maroccan style.

lovely way to bless the home !

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