23 July 2007

The blue series

Here is the blue series from the 150 year party. There was this fabulous blue light at the entrance of the barn :

so here is Eva, a fellow Berliner, a Hils Foundation founding member and fab photographer.

Two more founding members from the Hils Foundation, and Berlin neighbours, the lovely Mirjam and Ede.
Here is Kalaman with EJ chatting to Claudio in the background. Everyone thought this was going to be Kalaman's next album cover (the day he decided to drop mirror sculpting and become a rock musician).
Here now we can see EJ and C chatting. Ooooh Lovely moment of suspension.
And this is the gorgeous photo of Roger being an angel after a few vodkas.

Get this for a connection : Roger represents Claudio in his gallery in Berlin AND after they had met, agreed to work together, they worked out that Roger grew up in the 100 year old house where Claudio now lives!!! So he told me a lot about the trees he climbed and the best places to hang out in the garden and barn.

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