18 July 2007

international women's day - paris

... well this blog is TOTALLY out of order. But better outta order than not at all.

It's been a busy year and I haven't been able to communicate to everyone all that I have been up to - so this is a fine way of doing it. (Thanks Yasmin for getting me onto this...)

These images are from the show we had at the Australian Embassy in Paris to celebrate International Women's Day. Three Australian goddesses, Vee Speers and Julianne Rose and myself exhibited our photos, for two months there.

For myself, it was lovely to finally have an exhibition in Paris and share it with family and friends (and their new babies!). All my other exhibitions are in other cities, so the posse in Paris always miss out. And there is really something special about sharing a show with those I love around me.

It was also a tiny little peek at what was going to go down in Canberra regarding the LOVE IT AND LEAVE : Australia's Creative Diaspora series (where I exhibited over 50 images).

I have pix from the evening but not digital... so this will have to do for the moment...

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