27 February 2009

living with gratitude 14

Today has not been easy.

I took the big step to have lunch with my aunt and uncle Jacques who are in their 80s. Took a taxi as I knew the metro would be too tiring.
They were so appreciative to see me. It was an effort to be there but also so lovely to see them. Lunches in Paris are slow, so after 2 hours I was ready to head home and fall into bed, which I did. On one level I so wanted to see them but I felt it required so much energy. It seems that each time I expend too much energy, I get emotionally upset (which is what I am now...).

I want to keep thanking everyone for their love and prayers and support. It is making a world of difference. I am full of gratitude. And I really believe that this has contributed to the fact that I do not have fear of this process. I know I have to go through this (I really feel like I am going through some hard yards right now...but I do see that it is necessary + I will be all the richer/ lighter/ more knowledgeable/ stronger/ more helpful to others for having gone through this experience.... but wow, right now it feels tough).

Would love mail to be sent via the post of images or drawings or cards. Email me if you need my address. Am particularly into images of DURGA, the Goddess of strength and protection (learning to incorporate her attributes into my being.)

Photo : Sakthi 7 years old, part of the Arogya programme where 300 children each year receive live saving heart operations. Sakthi had his operation in December 08.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Nathalie, I do not even know you but through your blog you allow us, the vast anonymous world, in.
I just want to say thank you.
Your Images
Your Words
Your Honesty
Your Strength
Thank you.
For sometimes that vast anonymous world have similar circumstances and your ability to share will never go in vain.

I have an organic health food store in Melbourne, please email me if you need anything.
This will pass, it will pass. I send you the strength of Artemis. X

Kym said...

Hi Nata - pls send me yr email/postal address...Kym x (kymhamer@yahoo.com.au)