21 February 2009

living 9

These two images resonate in me the journey of this week : taking each day at a time.  Each day has presented me with a new twist, extra information to absorb, more understanding to be revealed.

In India, every morning, a Kolam is drawn in front of a home - a way to welcome the Divine/ guests in.  And during the day, the Kolam is walked upon and by the evening has disappeared.  And again, the next day, is drawn up with loving intent.  

And as I am feeling really tired each day, and that I feel I can only absorb so much, I see that drawing up the intent of each day with beauty and living each moment with care and appreciation is all I can do (because each day changes so dramatically).  Talk about bringing life to the essence.

The first photo is at the entrance of Sakthi Amma's home and the second photo was a Kolam nobody saw, as it was drawn behind the stage on the AROGYA Heart Donation day (where nobody, apart from me with my camera visited).  It seemed that the existence of the intent of this thought / act was what seemed to be important. 

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Anonymous said...

... and me. Remember I was with you. Always with you. Just like all of us who love you. But I am your Lemon ;p Jeni