16 February 2009

living 5

Have arrived in NYC and am being very well taken care of by Sakthi Amma + the NY crew... The journey has been remarkably E A S Y ... am being taken care of every step of the way... In Sydney we did a puja (fire ceremony) the day before I left which an empowering way to take this journey ... learning of the power to surrender.

Am in NYC to see my very amazing oncologist + friend, Mitch Gaynor to assist me with the healing.

Here are images of the children taken at the Sri Narayani Maternity Mobile clinic (a travelling van of nurses + a doctor which visits villages for health check-ups) during my time in South India last year... these photos give me a load of joy - so am sharing them each day amongst the other beautiful images I receive.

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Helen said...

very glad to have found your blog, it is amazing! thank you for sharing your experiences...

wishing you all the strength you need for this journey

love and light