18 February 2009

living 7

I must admit, it is a bit odd being in a metropolis like NY and spending all day in bed. In the past I would have been racing to art museums, music shows and hooking up with friends...

Amongst the hours I laid in bed, I did have another great conversation with Debra, a person from the world-wide Sakthi Amma Sanga I am connected to (in Buddhism, the word 'sanga' is used to describe a spiritual community) who has come through the other side with cancer. She has been incredible support and a great person to talk to as she-has-been-there. The notion of the conversation was that getting rid of the cancer, extracting it is one level... the deeper level is its purpose... + the cancer has no purpose in the world unless it is about transformation. What is in your heart that is trying to be heard?

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Today's photo?
2 favourite people : Mama (uncle in Tamil) and Pranav, his grandson. Mama was the head priest during the Navaratri fire rituals last October. On the 10th and last day Pranav, came to the join his grandfather on the last part of the fire ritual. T

At the age of 2, this child isn't interested in normal kids toys (he'll play with a toy for no longer than two minutes), but give him any item to do with puja (hindu sacred ritual) and he'll play with them for hours...doing all the gestures of puja. I witnessed it... he had my draw drop + in giggles. He was born on Ganesh's birthday.

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Hi darlinka - I think you must be on the plane. Thanks for updating the blog. Love Yasmin xxx