22 February 2009

living 10

Things took quite a turn on Friday, in terms of decision of where I would get my treatment done - and since then I have been sleeping (a lot) and doing the necessary shifts of canceling flights, getting new ones, organising general stuff...

News is that I am going for treatment at Institut Marie Curie in Paris and that I will be needing chemo (to reduce the tumor).  After chemo I will then  go through with surgery.  

I now feel I am in really good hands with Mitch Gaynor's knowledge and network. Furthermore the psycho-oncologist I have been seeing this week in NYC (who is remarkable) has been practicing in Paris for a long while and also knows the crew well there. 

I leave NYC tonight and arrive in Paris tomorrow.

And although feeling rather crap physically, I do profoundly knowand feel that this journey is a very precious step in my life.

Photo : 
a lotus at dawn from the sacred pond at the Sripuram temple in south India

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Anonymous said...

I wish so much I could be your travel companion. Since I really am on the other 'planes' -- feel me there. And use technology and call while your at the airport if you can..... All my love, Jeni