20 February 2009

living 8

Tonight, I was having dinner at Fanelli, one of the oldest restaurant-bars in NYC (dates back to 1847), which is the heart of SOHO and owned by Miriam's (with whom I am staying with this week-end) brother in law.  

At one moment I looked up and saw Daphne (she is the one in this photo on the right with flowers + Lara May is on the left
Daphne is Ione Skye's best friend !!! I met Daphne at Ione's wedding (to hubby Ben Lee) in December in India...

She gave the loveliest speech filled with emotion, the type only a best friend could give, telling Ben : "Ben, I cannot emphasise, how you have sooo scored!!"

I met Daphne on Friday night... and it cheered me to meet her in this city of millions - like an extra gift to mark an end to a  very intense week: a real roller-coaster, and a journey of complete surrender...

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