26 December 2009

Living in Gratitude 84 : Go sweep out the chamber of your heart

Go sweep out the chamber of your heart
Make it ready to be the dwelling place of the Beloved

When you depart out

She will enter it

In you
void of yourself,
She display her beauties

Shabistari 13th Century

poem found while cleaning up my desk today

Got through the Christmas festivities OK - knew my limitations so kept the celebrations within the zone of not getting myself too tired.

Now, it's 26th Dec, hung out with my little brother today, showed him how to make his first sushi and tonight I sent him off to a Jazz concert with Australian friends who are usually based in Gaza/ Jerusalem+ have an appartment on the other side of the park (I have understood now after being back in Paris for 2 weeks that if I don't go out, I don't over-tire myself... it's simple but imagine, a city like Paris and not being tempted 20 times a day to do an activity!!!)


I'm clearing and cleaning the appartment, as while I was sick, I didn't have the energy to do anything for six months... after being in India, material objects seem so superfluous, although I do like the comforts of a warm bed, soft sheets, hot water in my bath, music to listen to.. I look at my huge bookshelf and think of all these books, my archives, catalogues, my photo collection... it all seems to be so much unnecessary "extra"...

I live fairly simply (on the material level) and I'm interested to live even more simply...


Anonymous said...

my darling Nat I am so glad that you are taking little steps forward. I am here for you. I have a few Japanese items that I cannot shake off but I try to ignore them.
with love and light and strength and optimism.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nathalie!! So glad to have words from you again. As you have been all through this, you are so eloquent. I believe if you could read what you write from the point of view other than yourself, you would so admire your honesty, simplicity and insight......I will keep a check on your blog and carry you in my heart. Your Houston Mom

Colleen Courtney said...

That is so wonderful!

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vinodkumar said...

hi, i liked your feelings been spoken through words, and the way you are treating the life is just too good. and loved the poem...in the beginning of the post...
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