09 September 2007

more sri puram

Another shot of Sri Puram at dawn... I am SOOO not an early person but the beauty of this place got me up to catch sunrise almost everyday. For those who don't know, Sri Puram is a spiritual park which has an extraordinary hand-crafted, golden temple situated within the middle of it dedicated to the goddess Maha-Lakshmi.

I was there for the consecration (which was the most extraordinary experience of my life), and the day after, the images of the temple were on the front of every Indian newspaper.

When asked how the temple differed from the Taj Mahal, Sri Amma Narayani replied "The Taj Mahal was made by one person for one other person. This has been made by one person for the world."

Check out http://www.sripuram.org for more info.

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