09 September 2007

Hisham Matar's book in INDIA !!!!

This is a hommage to my lovely friend Hisham !

I found his book in a store in Chennai - and of course, bought it.

As a gift to Hisham ... had his book photographed with Vishnuvi, the holy elephant who hangs out at the temple to bless visitors... even blessed the book !!

The book is the story of a nine year old growing up in Libya in the late 70s under the Qaddafi regime.

It was short listed for the Booker Prize last year and won the Guardian First Book prize. I highly recommend it. IN THE COUNTRY OF MEN by HISHAM MATAR (at last count translated into 22 languages.)

Vishnuvi, the carer and the book.

Vishnuvi takes the book in her trunk (when she dunks her trunk on you like this, it's considered a blessing...)

A lovely profile of Vishnuvi - and Hisham Matar's booooook....

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