28 January 2009

Stradbroke Island

I have been back in Australia a little over two weeks and been relishing friendship and ocean moments and reconnecting with family.

Here is a favourite place off the Brisbane coast, Stradbroke Island : myora springs where spring water pours into the salt water. The island has many sacred sites.


(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

Your blog is beautiful, dont ask me how I found you but am glad to have. Am not a photographer myself, but i record day to day, what it is to be.
My sister took me to Stradbroke , to the mangroves where we walked out out out to the wide openness of the sea..sublime

Megan said...

Hi Natalie, I found your blog through Yasmin Boland's moonology website. I think you are so brave and I think your photography is a wonderfully uplifting and hopefully healing release for you. To express and share your emotions must also be healing for you, rather than keeping them trapped inside. I can imagine there are many many people wanting to send you healing vibes and vibes of warmth and comfort even though we dont know you as we all probably know of ( I do anyway) at least 1 friend of family who have bravely been in the situation you are experiencing now. Take good care and know that a soul doesnt have to have met another soul to show how much they care. Kind Regards - Megan