05 January 2009

recycling and sorting garbage in india


Here are some photos from the EXNORA environmental project of Sakthi Amma's - it is where, each day, 2 tonnes of garbage from all of Sakthi Amma's institutions + the temple is sorted, piece by piece : recycled, made into compost etc... It is a really impressive project on the big scale but going in closely was really confronting...to see these women sit with garbage all day and go through it bit by bit. Yet, as soon as I can sense dignity in people, my heart loosens and I can appreciate what I am seeing in a very different manner. And there is dignity in these women and an incredible beauty (they all wear saris as they work...).

My favourite photo is that of Alamelu (above), she doesn't speak yet she has so much shakti presence in her being.

VARDA - sorts through garbage at EXNORA


Women sorting through piles of garbage piece by piece at EXNORA Environmental project.

A handful of worms which are used for the compost - every compostable item is picked out and put to use.

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gianni said...

Ciao Bella, Saturday morning in Australia, reading through your blogs. You have been on my mind and in my prayers since we met at Bondi on that rainy day, before your trip to NY. Your such a positive person I wish I could be like you. I am overjoyed that things are working out for you. I wish I could be there with you. All my love (big cuddle too) sempre il vostro e baci Gianni XXXXXX