02 November 2008

diwali deepavali - festival of lights

Deepavali, the festival of lights happened on the last new moon - I celebrated it at Sri Narayani Peedam : it was my first deepavali and surely my favourite festival on the Hindu calender.

Here is the sri-chakra (the symbol is the image of my profile) created out of 10 008 clay lamps filled with ghee.

As the sri-chakra is symbolic of the goddess, women and girls were the first to lit the centre

The evening ended with blasting fireworks off from the rooftop next to the temple. Normally I am terrified of fireworks - but this was loads of fun.

The shiva-shakti tree on the night of Deepavali, left of the Goddess Narayani Temple.

Every evening between 7-8pm my favourite old priest from this temple teaches the vedas the younger vedic students under this tree.

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