04 November 2008

AROGYA GIFT OF LIFE - heart operation recipients

Kowsalya 14 months, with her new heart.

Each person who received a heart operation was photographed in front of a sky blue backgroud (literally a sky blue sari hanging from a bamboo stick)...

Purushothaman, 18 years old received his heart operation 19 Aug 2008. He is showing me his letter of gratitude.

Sivasankari, 21 years old, hospital staff received her heart operation 29 April 2008. She told me she was in hospital for the surgery for 22 days.

Kowsalya 14 months old with her mother.
Kowsalya received her heart operation 5th May 2008.

I found it so moving to meet these individuals and to see that, thanks to this operation, they are given a life, and their parents get to keep their child and their siblings get to keep a sister or brother. The child remains within the family structure, so not just the individual lives but all these families are being so profoundly affected through this program.

It really hit home, seeing these families that there have to go through the grief of the death of a child, but will instead exsperience the joy and appreciation of the continuation of the life of their child.

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