07 June 2008

NO MORE OIL another JACK PAM collaboration


Last time I was in HOUSTON TEXAS, I was exhibiting in the ARTISTS RESPONDING TO VIOLENCE, at Fotofest Biennale 06.

On my days off, I walked the very wide streets of Houston, the home of America's oil companies and interviewed people I came across, asking them, one simple question :

"What will you do when there is no more oil?"

I interviewed on the street, as people were standing around, waiting for public transport (which is synonymous for being too poor to own a car). Then I ventured into the major shopping mall (as it was the only place in the-car-serving-city, where I could find people to interview who had the resources to have a car..)

NO MORE OIL will also be exhibited at the Australian Centre of Photography as a part of the HIJACKED show from JUNE 16

Video / Interviews done by Nathalie Latham.
Soundtrack by Jack Pam.
mapfilms.net 2008.

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