06 June 2008

do you vote? series


What do you think of the priorities of the present day government?

What would you like the priorities of the next government to be?

How would you define the relationship between your country and the USA?

These are the four questions I ask people in Do you vote?, an ongoing series, where I travel on public transport around a country, finding out the diverse ways in how people see their country and its leadership AND how they would like to see it.

I interview about 70 - 100 people per country.
So far England, Germany, USA, Australia are a part of the Do You Vote? series. Next step is to visit countries from Africa, Asia, and ex-Soviet Union to give the series a more global perspective.

The collaborations with sound artists (rehashing / playing around with the sound interviews) will need to be uploaded...

These are images from DO YOU VOTE? England series supported by LE MONDE 2, France.

LE MONDE 2 also published the Do You Vote? Germany series.

Also check http://nathalielatham.blogspot.com/2007/11/do-you-vote-series-article-in.html

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