13 May 2008

more on berlin show

I have chosen to do a lot of personal tours of the show, which is a very enriching process, as it is a way to see how people respond to the various layers of the work. The process has also taught me more about the work.

This takes the visitor to the SPEAKING THROUGH WATER piece,

turn left and there is the photographic work from SPEAKING THROUGH WATER, which is a very personal journey of not being able to speak at my father's funeral.

I extended the work to others, asking them what they felt was important to say, but felt they were not heard / couldn't say.

The messages that others wanted to communicate were very personal ones, (I thought they would be more political). The resonance of their expression was similar to my intial motivation.

video projection room with wide entrance

lush video on giant screen...

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Tara said...

Its so great to see your show up and the atmosphere you've created with the work, which is obviously so powerful, is shrine-like and warm...you really project out from, and maintain a sense of human connection...from what I can see of the show and the space, it looks like an exhibition I would find incredibly enriching to experience, which is so important when seeking to reach and communicate with an audience.
I hope you've had good feedback and responses? Its beautiful work Nat!