09 May 2008

safeguarding berlin show

this is the entrance of the show...

sripuram, south india, a living example of safeguarding humanity's cultural heritage, people and the environment.

LIGHTBOX 94cm x 104cm

the texts for each piece are hand written in tumeric coloured books, suspended by a nail + cotton thread, giving the viewer and intimate experience with each story.

entrance to the first video room, showing THE GIFT OF 10 000 SARIS

Opening night...Here we have Lovely-Leipzig based artist (from Nice, France) Neven www.unevenement.com/neven walking into the exhibition in his orange sweater. And wonderful Miriam Dym www.dymproducts.com (in striped shirt) sitting talking to my gorgeous brother David (white shirt) in front of the installation, Jonathan is on head phones (also from Nice).

Here I am snapped by Neridah Leembruggen who came from London for the show. Left is Katharina Mouratdati, Berlin based photographer who coaches me on project management www.mouratidi.de , right is Berlin based designer Lindy Stokes stokx.de (who is also in the LOVE IT AND LEAVE IT book) and the back of Joy's head, Lindy's mum from Australia.

Christoph Tannert, (to the left waving his hand) director of the K├╝nstlerhaus Bethanien International Residency Programme with Daniel (Portuguese artist-in-resident) and his lovely lady with a great name, Lara Torres


Leslie said...

Hi Nathalie, I was really impressed by the exhibition and so was Sara, my visitor from NY. The experience I had reading your explanations about each work in little books hanging on threads was exactly what you described here - very personal, like a friend had left me a note or I was reading your sketchbook of thoughts. Thank you for your heartfelt work.

Liz said...

Oh my gosh! I am in the photo with your friend with the orange shirt, and your brother on the bench! That's me in the pink stripped shirt, heading for the door. IMMORTALIZED! More importantly, I loved this show. I loved the booklet and video of talking through water.

Anonymous said...

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