05 June 2011

by request

By request of my lovely friends in California, Ruthie + Bar - I'm sticking up some drawings because they wanted to see more.

THis first one is a letter to Mother Nature :
dear mother nature, it's now been 2 years since i finished treatment. I feel OK. Thank you for this feeling.

no text (a bit o mother nature climbing up the page)


christian niccoli said...

it is always beautiful reading that you are feeling fine.

un forte abbraccio ed un grande bacio.


Ricardo said...

Hello Nathalie,

I hope you still remember me. For years I wanted to know about your life and work in Paris not knowing about this recovering journey. Our last contact it was in December 2000. You sent me a Christmas card but I didn’t know where you were. I feel so happy knowing that you are much much much better and your body is healing it wounds.
I shared a very short period of my life with you but the memories of a young woman trying to take the world by storm still remains in me.
Do you remember your first flat in Paris with views to Montmartre?
I had photographs of that period and you living there. I have to admit that your departure it was painful like painful it was part of your journey. I love to read your block. You are the same person with the same beautiful soul.
Even with very painful moments your life and works remains amazing.
Be kind to yourself.