04 May 2010

living in gratitude 86 : earth day

A friend from London asked me "what is a normal day like in India?"
No day is the same. Each day is filled with enchantment and fustration of varying degrees.

I pace myself through the day, as I am keeping my health / recovery as a priority. Some days are easier than others.

Working on a photographic book and a documentary film simultaneously (and very very slowly to not extend beyond my present energy levels). The subject is humanitarian work being done here (spiritual, education, environment, cultural, health).

Here is a picture from Earth Day (22 April), of the students from Sri Narayani Vidyalaya School. Each student took home a sapling or two to plant in their home or neighbourhood.


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Natalie Cederquist said...

Hi Nathalie! We may be on our way to Peedam, we'll know by sunday. ONN!
Love Natalie

Unknown said...

i think you are very beautiful women.. you have heart as big as elephant princeses. I feel strongly about your love for me. im very glad your cancer free lady. Get better then great.. enjoy perfect health my love... you are dear to me i LOVE your face and pasion for your work it. I really want to know you more in a personal way

Goodnight and as we say it

Take-A-leak. and for extra love
Take-A-big one.

Ta ta.