31 July 2009


Today I turn 40 - and while others may be a little freaked out approaching the new decade - I'm grateful to be alive, cancer free, and grateful for the healing (possibly a bit slow for my liking at times... but this whole process has got me slowed down on every level...)

I had an attack of insomnia last night so baked a cake (I'll take it to the local pre-school and share it with the smiling children there), and started a new loaf of bread (baking bread has become my daily activity : it keeps me grounded + present + it's something I have always wanted to learn but always been too busy to do.)

I also did this drawing (I will upload a selection of most recent drawings - I have been consistently drawing but didn't have it in me to be in communication... had to have a shut down period).

I have been doing a lot of crying recently which is sort of a relief because I haven't been able to cry for some time. Now I can cry tears : feels like the next step of healing can take place - that sadness can now shift.

Text from image : gratitude, bread-making, living in the present moment, loads of healing tears. (I have been having difficulty living in the present moment, so this drawing was like preparing an ode for how to live today... and there will be smiles too...)


Anonymous said...

Hey Nathalie!!!!! I check your blog about 3 times a week. So, so, so glad to hear from you again. August 4 is the anniversary of my divorce 28 years ago, when I began to explore life for the first time. I still feel you have a book in your future...so eloquent, so fragile, so strong, beautiful art work. Coming to Fotofest this Biennial? Focus on American photographers. You will be welcome in my home. I love you. Houston Mom Beverly

(Text)ure and (me)aning said...

I send this Mindful prayer
for your birthday. . . may this year be a little lighter
a little slower and full of mango light.