30 May 2009

living in gratitude 74 : pause button on communicating

Now that my health is no longer in danger,
I am going to put the pause button on communicating
+ take a break from this blog +

+ focus on getting better physically

+ emotionally.

I will keep drawing + creating but keep it in the private realm.

I like this image, it gives me a real sense that
"I am alive, I am here -
and I have something as strong as the tree to lean on."

And this is a reminder of all the shadow work, the non-tangible internal work that needs to be taken care of...

will update from time - to - time.


Anonymous said...

Feel our prayers for your continued mending. love hkh

Vix said...

Woo-hoooooooo! So thrilled for you, Nathalie!!!! Fabulous news. You go, girl - do whatever it takes. I admire you so much! Vicki

Anonymous said...

Rest well, dear friend. Thanks so much for all the eloquent communicating you did during the dangerous times. You did us such a favor. We will wait patiently, knowing you are doing what is best for you. Love to you. Beverly

Anonymous said...

we are here for you. the pure beauty you emanate is a gift. love hkh