14 May 2009

living in gratitude 62 : learning of patience

I really feel that I am having to learn of being patient on a totally different level.

Each day, I leave the appartment take a very very slow walk (I walk like a granny but at least I can walk) ... + cannot believe how many healthy people there are out there, walking briskly.

I keep being told I will feel better again physically + emotionally but that concept feels so profoundly abstract... patience is what is required ...patience on a profoundly different level.


Kym said...

Beautiful pic, Nat x

Anonymous said...

Hey Nat, Take it easy .... praying for your speedy recovery ... pls take care and talk to u soon.

lots of love your bro

Anonymous said...

I wanr ro accompany you and hold you when it gets difficult. You are making progress every day and you must be patient and have faith.
love Hkh